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All About Us

Growing Spectrum was established in 1988 by Peter and Carol Fraser. Their vision has seen the company grow to a vibrant enterprise now employing 38 full-time staff. Our growing area now consists of 6 acres of field product and 8 acres of container product with a further 10 acres under tree production. We are currently producing over 600,000 plants per annum.

Growing Spectrum has always strived to maintain honesty and integrity and core family values run strongly through the business model. Over the past forty years, that vision has earned us the trust and respect of garden centres around the country. We are proud to be recognised as a market leader and an award winning wholesale nursery.

In 2019 the business was purchased by Sarah Hales and Cliff Scott. Sarah and Cliff are very honoured to be taking over Growing Spectrum. “Peter and Carol have built an amazing and enviable business with excellent staff. Their attention to detail results in a premium product being delivered to their customers” Sarah and Cliff are keen to grow the business and adopt new technologies and practices to ensure the business is at the forefront of sustainability for future generations. “A plant nursery ticks so many boxes when it comes to a conscious and sustainable business” It is a new era for Growing Spectrum however it is evident that the key values will remain. We will always strive to maintain honesty and integrity and strong family values will continue to run through the business model.

Our Mission Statement

  • To be a wholesale nursery of honesty and integrity
  • Providing prompt efficient service to our customers
  • To have motivated knowledgeable staff innovative in both production and promotion
  • Caring about the well being and safety of the others we work with
  • Profiting fairly through our efficiency

Quality control is strict at every stage, beginning in the propagation department where cuttings, seeds and seedlings are initially raised. Our production team nurtures the small plants through their life stages and finally our vigilant despatch team are rigorous in deciding which plants finally make it into garden centres.

Growing Spectrum prides itself on outstanding employee relations. We foster open communication and offer an onsite Horticultural Training Centre. As a result, our staff have pride in the company and the products they grow. Our focus is on continuous improvement and multi-skilling as many staff as possible. Many of our staff are working through the NZQA qualifications in Nursery Production.

Service is a priority at Growing Spectrum. We deliver using our own fleet of trucks, ensuring standards and schedules are always upheld.To value-add to the appeal of our product at retail outlets, our plants are presented with full colour labels and point of sale material is provided to assist the Garden Centre staff. Of course, our sales reps are always available to provide friendly and efficient service.

The 'Spectrum' brand is now a well established identity in the New Zealand retail market and is a proud ambassador for our range of signature products.